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Planning and Evaluation | Intervale Associates

Planning and Evaluation

With over three decades of experience in planning, development, implementation, and evaluation, Intervale staff understand the challenges faced by organizations wishing to improve program effectiveness and demonstrate program results. Our services encompass the range of activities that are needed in order for programs to achieve their intended results and to be sustained long-term.

Education, Training, and Facilitation

Intervale staff have years of experience in facilitation of workshops, conferences, and meetings involving multi-stakeholder groups, cross-cultural settings, and high-profile or controversial issues. We have organized and directed workshops, field trips, training sessions, nature tours to remote regions, and coordinated donor cultivation and board member events. We have lectured on five continents and to over 200 universities, organizations, conferences, and events. Our educational videos are used at professional meetings and in environmental science courses in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Program Evaluation

We conduct audits and evaluations for federal departments, inter-governmental joint ventures, Aboriginal groups, and nonprofit organizations. We conduct coaching and training workshops for groups seeking help with program planning and evaluation. Stewardship practitioners and policy advisors find our 2012 handbook on program evaluation extremely useful.

Integrated Management Planning

We research and write overview reports, strategies, and action plans on integrated resource management planning for federal and provincial governmental departments, nonprofit organizations, church, and community groups. We demonstrate the value of integrating science and local ecological knowledge, stewardship and enforcement, and collaborative approaches for more comprehensive and sustainable management planning.

Evaluating Stewardship

Facilitation: Limestone Barrens Workshop

Wetlands Stewardship Audit