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Intervale Associates | conserve biodiversity, interpret heritage, promote sustainable livelihoods

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About Intervale Associates

We are experienced in community-based research and program development, having applied this approach over many years to conservation projects in rural areas of Canada and internationally. In collaboration with other organizations and rural communities, we have demonstrated the effectiveness of community-based approaches in achieving conservation objectives while providing benefits to rural communities. Our approach is inspired from years of work with people in the Atlantic and Gulf of St. Lawrence regions of Canada.

We take a very positive approach to conservation and to making conservation work for people. We help empower people to achieve and sustain their objectives for conservation and development, using effective strategies that promote individual potential, community solidarity, and ecosystem support.

The foundation of our work is our common belief in the ability of people in rural communities to define their own objectives for conservation and sustainable development, so as to ensure a safe and healthy environment for their children and future generations.

Intervale Associates takes its name from a word used in rural areas of the Atlantic Provinces and New England. The intervale is a low meadow, by a river, that naturally produces hay in abundance. The intervale is harvested, enjoyed, and cared for. It is a metaphor for our work, which is about the beneficial relationship of people to the earth and its resources.

Our Mission

Intervale is a non-profit organization, incorporated in Newfoundland and Labrador, with a mission to conserve biodiversity, interpret heritage, and promote the integrity of rural livelihoods

Our Services

Intervale has a variety of services including; Environmental Solutions, Nature and Interpretation Heritage, Planning and Evaluation, and Wildlife and Habitat Conservation.

Environmental Solutions

Nature and Interpretation Heritage

Planning and Evaluation

Wildlife and Habitat Conservation