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Best Practices for Responsible Snaring | Intervale Associates

Responsible Snaring


Snaring is a popular outdoor recreational activity in Newfoundland and Labrador.   Annually 20,000-30,000 people participate in the small game harvest, with the majority snaring Snowshoe Hare. 

Our Efforts

Snaring is a popular outdoor recreational activity that Newfoundland and Labradorians take part in every year. It is also home to the Newfoundland Marten which is a threatened species in Newfoundland. To help prevent accidental mortality of marten while at the same time retaining snowshoe hare, only wire this is 22-gauge brass wire and 6 strand braided wire. How some quality may differ when purchasing different brands of the 22-gauge brass wire. To help get the good quality wire in the hands-off snarers in Newfoundland, Intervale distributes the corfil 22-gauge brass wire to partners like the Newfoundland and Labrador Trapping Association and other volunteers across the island, along with giving some out during educational events in our schools. For more information on best practices for brass wire and good snaring practice please see the Snaring in Newfoundland rack card below.